Muskegon County Latino Festival

LWFTF Muskegon County Latino Festival 1

Save The Date

September 7, 2024

2 pm – 10 pm
350 W Webster Ave,
Muskegon, MI 49440

Latinos Working For The Future (LWFTF) is excited to extend an invitation to our vibrant community for the 4th annual Muskegon County Latino Festival (MCLF). This festival is more than just an event; it’s a movement towards fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of the rich variety within Latin American cultures. It serves as a tribute to the generations whose profound influences have enriched our nation and society.

"Nuestras Raíces" - Celebrating Our Roots

This year’s theme, “Nuestras Raíces,” invites us to pay homage to our roots, including the diverse and rich pre-Hispanic indigenous civilizations of Latinoamérica. We aim to create a space that honors our ancestry while celebrating the vibrant threads that weave our current community fabric. Join us as we bring the essence of Latinoamérica to Muskegon County, uniting over 5,000 community members in a day filled with joy, cultural pride, and mutual respect.
LWFTF Muskegon County Latino Festival 2
LWFTF Muskegon County Latino Festival 2

A Catalyst for Change and Support

The Muskegon County Latino Festival is not just a day of celebration; it’s a crucial fundraiser for LWFTF. The funds raised are directly invested back into our community, supporting essential programs like college tours, scholarships for high school graduates and current college/technical students, small business grants, and various educational initiatives. As the sole Latino non-profit organization in Muskegon County, the festival underscores our commitment to building a welcoming, inclusive community where everyone feels seen, celebrated, and at home.

How You Can Participate

Whether you’re considering continuing your support or interested in sponsoring for the first time, your involvement is crucial to the festival’s success and to the empowerment and affirmation of Latin American leaders in Muskegon County. We have a rich heritage to celebrate and important work ahead to ensure our community’s strength and unity.

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Your hands-on support brings our vibrant celebration to life, from assisting with events to showcasing local Latino businesses.
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Elevate your brand and make a meaningful impact by sponsoring the Muskegon County Latino Festival! This unique opportunity connects your business with a dynamic, engaged community. Partnership commitment is due by August 7, 2024, to ensure full marketing benefit.
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Merchandise, Food or Agency Vendor

Join us at the Muskegon County Latino Festival to share your food, crafts, and mission with thousands in the local community. 

Festival Highlights: Relive the Celebration